A perfect Sunday!

Hi, Aiyana's mum! :-) There is a rumour going that you start each day checking out all the puppies' blogs, so I just want to say hello to my "grandmother" in Alaska! I know that all the fun toys we had in Eidsdal came from you, and I also got one of them with me here with my new familiy in Kongsberg!

Last sunday we went to see some friends in Passebekk, and had a really nice picnic with them and their dog "Zappa"! Zappa is a Cocker Spaniel, and he is 2 years old. He very much liked to play with me, and I learned really fast how to just lay down in the grass when he came running at me! We became really good friends during the day, as we could go without our collars on, and just play freely with each other. He is about my size now, but soon I will be SO much bigger than him! I wonder if he realizes that...?? ;-)

See the pictures from our trip!

We met four horses - oh they are REALLY big!!

Zappa and me playing in the fields

I love to dig... and today I was allowed to do all the digging I wanted!

How deep can I get...?

Wonder why they called me "a hen on her eggs" ...??

After playing a lot, there was water for the dogs and coffee for the mums and dads!

And when I thought that this had been the most perfect day - they had to ruin it all and put me in the bath-tub!! :-(

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30.05.2007 kl.21:14

Hi Tanja: I will try to send you this again, I noticed on your blog that you didn't receive my message? Love your pictures, you look so happy. I keep track of all of you. I will be in your country in July and will be able to meet your father, mother and brother and of course Djembe. Have you been able to play with the cat? beautiful cat. Thank you for sending me a message. GrandMUM


30.05.2007 kl.23:48

Hi Tanja and all who passes by=)

I love all pics that they post of you:) You're so lovely! -Just like Trickster =)

-And Aiyanas mum: We on bergstad.net will also try to post some of Tricksters updates in english, so that you can read a bit about how he is =)

-Best wishes to everyone! ..Kent


31.05.2007 kl.18:20

Hei p dere i Kongsberg

s koselig det er se Tanja og dere p tur. Ser ut til at hun liker seg:-) Trickster er ogs en liten graver, spiser lort og alt som er finne i naturen. Ser godt ssken likhet ja.

Tanja blir vel den som graver seg under gjerdet mens Trickster klatrer over:-) :-)

nsker dere en riktig god helg


Trickster og co.


01.06.2007 kl.09:54

S koselig med egen blogg for Tanja og Freddie.Flotte bilder.God helg.


01.06.2007 kl.21:48

Hun er bare s st!!!

Hihi... Leker hun gravemaskin?

Hper dere fr en fin helg!

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